General options

The [General options] section of the settings file controls general options for the contact form.

The format of each setting in this section is

keyword = value


The following keywords are recognised:

Captionthe title shown at the top of the contact form
FormIdid attribute for the HTML form tag, if required for any custom Javascript.
Note that for CSS styling purposes, the form tag will always include class="twzContact"
FormNamename attribute for the HTML form tag, if required for any custom Javascript
Submittext for the Submit button. If you want an image (instead of text) you could set this to   and use CSS to set the button's border and background image.
Resettext for a form reset button, if required. If this setting is missing or empty, no reset button will be shown
PreText*text or HTML to precede the form (but not after successful submission)
PostText*text or HTML to follow the form (but not after successful submission)
WebsiteMaxmaximum number of web site addresses the visitor can submit in any field (anything with http://)
FieldCase Indicates how field names should be transformed for display. The possible options are as follows:
  • none - no transformation; field names will be shown as defined in the fields section
  • lower - field names will be converted to lower case
  • upper - field names will be converted to upper case
  • ucfirst - (default) the first letter will be upper case, the remainer will be lower case
  • ucwords - the first letter of each word will be upper case, the remainer will be lower case
  • default - this is the same as ucfirst
Note: this does NOT apply to field labels, which are always shown as entered.
FieldTips If you are using field tips, this option specifies how the tips are presented to the user.
Possible options are: none|label|text
  • label - tip is shown as a "tooltip" when the user moves their mouse over the field label
  • text - tip is shown as text under the input field
You can also use multiple options, so if you want tooltips as well as permanent text, this setting can be label+text
UploadDirname of the directory to save files uploaded by the visitor (see file field-type in the Fields section)
CalendarIconPathname of the image the visitor clicks to open a popup calendar (see calendar field-type in the Fields section).
Several icons of various colours are supplied, or you can use your own image. The default is calendar/cal.gif
CaptchaRefreshIf your visitor can't make out the letters in a captcha image (see captcha field-type in the Fields section), you can give them the opportunity to replace it with a new image. The possible values for this setting are:
  • none - the user cannot refresh the captcha image (default)
  • click - the user can click on the captcha image to refresh it
  • dblclick - the user can double-click on the captcha image to refresh it
Regardless of this setting, submitting the form will always refresh the captcha image.
LogFilepathname to a file where a copy of each submission is stored. If this setting is not present, no log will be written.

* The value for keywords PreText and PostText may be in the form file:pathname, in which case the contents of the specified file will be used as the value.


[General options]

Caption     = Contact us
Submit      = Send request
PreText     = Please contact us by filling out our online booking form.
FieldTips   = text