Field labels

By default, the label shown next to each field on the contact form is the field name, as defined in the fields section. You can also specify in that section that a label is not shown for specific fields. This is fine most of the time, but occasionally you might want to use a nice compact field name, and show something else on the form. You can do this by creating a [Field labels] section in your settings file.

This section (if present) must appear AFTER the fields section.


The format of the settings in this section is

field_name = label

where field_name is a field previously defined in the fields section, and label is the text you want to appear next to the field on the form.

For example, you may have a field called "email", but want to show it on the form as "Your email address".

If you do specify a label for a field, it's only used for that purpose. The field name is still used in the email sent to you, and in any messages to the visitor. In the "email" example above, if email is a required field and the visitor misses it, the message will say "Email is missing" and not "Your email address is missing".


name  = text
email = email

[Field labels]
email = Your email address