Field tips

The [Field tips] section of the settings file lets you specify additional information for each field, to help the user complete your contact form.

This section (if present) must appear AFTER the fields section.


The format of the settings in this section is

field_name = text

where field_name is a field previously defined in the fields section, and text is some additional information for the user.

The specified text can be presented to the user in different ways, depending on the FieldTips setting in the general options section. For example it might be shown as a "tooltip" when the user moves their mouse over the field label, or as always-visible text under the input field.

The text can include some html markup tags (eg bold, italics, line breaks), but these will not be used if the FieldTips setting indicates a "tooltip" format.


name          = text
year          = select
send_brochure = check

[Field tips]
name          = Please use <b>your real name</b> in this field
year          = Pick a year from the list