Web site utilities

These utilites are useful for web site owners. Well, I can't guarantee that they're useful for all web site owners, but I'm a web site owner and I find them useful!

Be sure to also check out our image utilities and if your site uses cPanel, cPanel utilities as well.


  • twzAuth - ultra-simple user "login" script using basic HTTP authentication
  • FileWatch - notifies you of any changes to files on your web site
  • Folder permissions - shows a summary of directory permissions on the server
  • twzFileStore - a simple web-based "file manager"-like application
  • NewestFiles - lists the most recently updated files on your site
  • twzContact - secure, extensible web contact form
  • twzBooking - shows a simple availability calendar on your web site, and lets you easily update bookings for any number of rooms/locations/facilities
  • Server status - shows a status page for multiple servers under your control
  • php.ini fix - creates a php.ini file with your custom settings
  • dbHtmlTable - generates an HTML table from a database query
  • Find files - locates files with a specific name

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