Other utilities

Miscellaneous things..

  • twzERD - an online tool for creating simple database entity relationship diagrams (ERD)
  • twzCronChart - a PHP5 class that shows a simple Gantt chart of cron tasks
  • TextFit - a simple PHP class that fits an array of plain text into table columns
  • twzToDoList - a simple ToDo list manager (PHP, MySQL)
  • Bookmarklets - a selection of useful bookmarklets


We have quite a few other utilities at various stages of readiness. When we have time, we'll tidy them up and make them available here.

In the pipeline are scripts for backing up sites and MySQL databases, creating a gantt chart from a database query, image manipulation and miscellaneous PHP snippets.

In the meantime, why not send me some encouragement (and really make my day) by making a donation!?

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