ZDoom Runner

ZDoom Runner (ZDR) is a Windows frontend for ZDoom written in VB6. It allows you to select and play Doom, Heretic, Hexen etc WAD files without having to manually type the command line switches and options for ZDoom. Not all ZDoom command line parameters are explicitly catered for, but ZDR also lets you manually add the more advanced options if desired.

Features of ZDR include the ability to:

You can also save the current settings to a file, and restore them in a later session.

The ZDR screen shot program is pretty straightforward and intuitive to use, however a couple of points are worth noting (see sample screenshot at right).

  1. Find: lets you browse to select a WAD (replaces the previous selected WAD)
  2. Add: lets you browse to select a WAD to add (for adding multiple WADs)
  3. Wad info: shows a popup menu where you can choose to view
    • the WAD's .txt file
    • the number of player starts and monsters on each map
    • list of all maps in the WAD
    • list of all lumps in the WAD
    • contents of some text lumps
    Map info popup

Download the latest ZDoomRunner below, or see recent changes.

If you have ideas for additional features for ZDoom Runner, or if you have any problems with using the program, please let me know.