twzBooking - availability calendar for web sites

twzBooking is a system that shows a simple availability calendar on your web site, and lets you easily update bookings for any number of rooms/locations/facilities.

There are two basic layouts available; a month format for showing availability for a single location, and a timeline format for showing multiple locations at a glance. You can even mix and match - if you have more than one location you could have a page for each location showing monthly availability, and another page that summarises all locations in a timeline. With either layout, twzBooking gives you complete control over how the calendar looks with custom colours, styles and labels.

Month format

The month format looks like a traditional calendar with columns for each weekday. You can show a single month, or any number of months either for a set period, or any period based on the current date (for example this month and next). You can also include buttons that let the visitor change the displayed months, within limits set by you.

sample month layout

Timeline format

The timeline format shows all your properties/rooms/facilities for a given period, and also lets the visitor change the date range shown.

sample timeline layout

The twzBooking availability calendar is priced at AU$110 for a single web site. For current Tweezy clients, this includes installation of the script onto your web server, but there could be a small additional fee for configuration of the calendar for your web page(s).

For further information, please check out the live demo, or contact